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I’m Kimberly Gail*
Digital Product Designer & Lettering Artist based in Sacramento, CA

* Yup, that's my first name.

A bit more about me

Headshot of designer, Kimberly

My multicultural upbringing as a 1.5 generation immigrant and Navy brat has largely shaped who I am today, both as a designer and as a person...

Notable projects

BusyBus Mobile App Screen

Solving a very specific public transit problem within an app

All Together mobile app logo

Event planning and organizing tool for party hosts and guests

Other projects I’ve worked on

→ Branding & Print

Preview of branding project for a macaron business

→ Lettering Illustrations

Lettering illustration that says 'Prime Time Grind Time'

Supporting the design community through

DESCO logo Design Week Sacramento logo

Don’t be a stranger

I’m always down to collaborate or nerd out about design. Feel free to reach out!